"I think more than I write"

About Royal

I have been married to my High School sweetheart Lisa since 1979.  We have two adult kids married to two incredible spouses, a granddaughter, and a grandson on the way.

After about twelve years in corporate America I went to college and earned a Master’s Degree in Counseling.  I was a professional counselor for four years before I became a pastor.  I tell people God made me a counselor to prepare me to be a pastor.

I am the lead pastor of Life Connection Church in Euless, TX.   We planted LCC a little over eleven years ago and it has been quite a ride.  I am thankful to say I am doing and enjoying what God called me to do.  That does not mean I don’t wake up every once in a while and question “What in the world am I doing?”.

I love to teach the word of God and God has given me a passion to see people discipled to be fully devoted followers of Christ.  I believe the answers to all of life’s questions are found as we study and apply the Word of God to our lives.  The key is application.  If you know much, but practice little, you will be a miserable person.

I believe Christianity is simple, but it’s hard.

I believe as a Christian, I should always ask myself, “Am I being God’s love with skin?”

I love to read.  I am a learner so I am interested in many things and the perspective of people from all walks of life.

I love high school football and I am the chaplain for the Grapevine High School football team.


20 thoughts on “About Royal

  1. I like your site, is there a way to link to the blackaby devotional to my msn space (RSS)?

  2. Thanks Dave……I don’t know how you would make the connection…..If you have a blog roll of some kind you would do it the same way as the blog roll…..

  3. Hey Royal! Remember me?? We taught together at First Baptist Euless many, many, MANY years ago!! I am excited to see what God is doing in you and through you. I am living in Dayton, TN and loving East Tennessee. I saw the news on John Weber. I am so sorry to hear that. Was his daughter Sarah in our group? Her name rings a huge bell for this old timer! If you see any of the old group, please give them my best. Blessings to you, David.

  4. hey David…..It is good hearing from you…..Thanks for the kind words….I don’t remember if Sarah was….I am pretty sure his son was…..

  5. royal,
    many moons ago you were a youth worker at fbce. i was one of the faces you served so faithfuly. my group was a tough one so many diferent personalities fighting for attention. i am sure you do not remember … time and age erases details but i am excited for you and your church. this morning i braved the web pages to see what people are saying and i came across yours. thanks for serving.

  6. I do remember you Joel…..I hope you are doing well…..Are you still in the area?

    Thanks for your kindness….

    God Bless

  7. So, are you the same Royal Ferris that left Southern Maryland around 7 years ago? Attending South Potomac Church? I don’t know if you remember me, but the small group that you held at your house was a turning point in my life. Shortly after, you guys got the word to move. Anyway, if this is you, I just wanted to say hey and thanks!


  8. hey Val

    It is me….. Thanks so much for blessing me today…. May God bless you back a bunch…..


  9. Howdy Royal,

    I don’t know if you remember me…my wife Donna and I met you at FBC Colleyville about ’98 or 99…we had a daughter born in 2000 named Michaela…we were in a Bible study that you taught, on the book of James. We lived in NRH at the time, and left in December 2k to go to a job in La. I’ve thought about you from time to time, and just now typed your name on Google and found this page. I look forward to reading all of it. Take care.


  10. Hey Jeff…..I do remember you guys….I hope life is going well in La….. Say hi to Donna and God Bless…Thanks for coming by the blog….

  11. Pastor Farris, Greetings from the Caribbean! I have added your blog to my blog roll. I have come to value your reflections i wish to commend you and to encourage you to continue in your Ministry before the Lord and His people.
    Kind regards

  12. Hi Royal,

    I have continued to hear great things about your church and your ministry and will hopefully have a chance to visit soon now that I am not traveling every weekend. Ran into your little brother not too long ago and asked him to tell you hello. Would love to have lunch with you and catch up. Tell Lisa and the kids “Hi!” for me.


  13. Thanks Terry…..Lunch would be great……I heard you were moving to Austin to be with the rest of the family…..I hope all are doing well….Tell Ruthie I said Hi!!!

  14. Hi Royal,
    I just want to know do you have a sister named Kelly? If so I was your neighbor back in 1965 and 1966 in Irving TX.

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