Your man might be depressed if …..

According to the

Anxiety and Depression Association of America Depressive Disorder.

In 2014 15.7 Million adults had experienced in last year.  6.7% of population.

More prevalent in women but data from  National Health Interview Survey 2010-2013  says that 9% of men in the USA have daily feelings of depression or anxiety.

The suicide rate among men is four times higher than women.

So ladies … How might you suspect your man is depressed?

  • Fatigue — Sleeping too much or not enougG
  • Stomach or back problems. Most men don’t realize that chronic stomach or back problems are often associated with depression.
  • Easily irritated or angry negative
  • Stress .. Anxiety goes hand in hand with depression and will cause depression. Trouble making decisions
  • Substance Abuse
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Suicidal thoughts