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One of the hardest things about depression for Christians is that its all about being sad. And we all know, right, that Christians are supposed to always be happy and full of joy.

Guess what? I have never met a Christian or anybody else on the planet who is always joyful. And I am pretty sure I have never met anyone who is never anxious.

Depression is a combination of nature and nurture. Its very complicated. And being depressed does not make you any less Christian than anyone else.

There are physical causes of depression. Just like getting other sicknesses. And the physically caused depression should be treated with medication and counseling.

Depression is tough because when you are depressed you think depressing thoughts and you spiral down.

There is no easy answer to getting better. Because of the complicated mix of nature and nurture the cure for some is easier than for others. But it is important to get help.

If you are a person of faith, don’t let depression make you abandon your faith. That is why its important to have a counselor that is a Christian. A non-believer will not understand and will likely try to make you at least put God on the back burner.

We will talk about treatments in another talk.
Anxiety is often a precursor to depression and there is a good chance you will have both at the same time.

Like depression anxiety is treated mentally, spiritually, and sometimes medically.

Christian friends and even your church may not help you the way you would hope or think.

People can get negative when they are depressed. Most people do not have much patience with negativity.

There are Christians, and even churches who look down on people for being depressed.

Depression and Anxiety are very treatable. And taking medicine is not a sin.

If you are depressed there is great hope you will get better and learn to handle tendencies to be depressed.

You can be sad or worried and not be clinically depressed or have an anxiety disorder.

In the next talk I will discuss the symptoms of depression.

This was talk one of depression. I hope it helped.

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Thanks and God Bless.