E - RoyalDear Friends and Family of LCC,

You know, there are two beliefs in Christianity that are unique to our faith.

  1. We worship and follow a risen Savior. The leader of our faith lived on earth, sacrificed his life for the forgiveness of our sins, and then resurrected to redeem the relationship we have with God.
  2. Since the incarnated God, Jesus, reconciled us with God the Father, we have a personal relationship with God. He says we are His children and Jesus himself told us to relate to God as our Father..

I have had many conversations with people of other faiths, people who don’t believe in God, and people who are not sure who God is or if He exists. Jesus being our Savior, and the opportunity to have a personal relationship with God are two of the truths that they have the hardest time believing.

Here is the deal. Besides the Holy Spirit, and The Bible, the testimony of a new life and our ongoing personal relationship with God is the most effective influence we have on the unbeliever. People want to know that if they make the commitment, they are trading up.

So …. If someone were to ask you about your relationship with God … Your personal relationship with “The God”, how would you answer? There is the Biblical Truth answer and the experiential truth. Both are important. We need to be able to share the Biblical truth and how it plays out in our personal life with God experience.

That is our topic on this last Sunday of our Explore God – The Seven Big Questions series. The Question is “Can I Know God Personally?” Of course as a believer you would answer yes. But then what? He will want to know more or how?

I hope you come Sunday for this very important faith teaching, and it will be a great Sunday to bring a friend.

Sunday afternoon is our Annual Fall Block Party. We are praying the rain lets up long enough for us to have a successful event. Your prayers will be appreciated. If you have not signed up to volunteer yet, you can do so by replying to this email.

Thanks so much.

May God Bless you more than you could ever imagine.
Your Brotha from anotha motha