helen ball
Dear Friends and Family of LCC

Tomorrow, Saturday, we are celebrating the life of LCCer, Helen Ball, with a memorial service at 2:00PM.  Helen had been sick for a few years and went to be with Jesus in heaven on May 23rd.

What I know and what people have been telling me since she left us is that we will always remember her smile.  The lady smiled all the time, even when she was feeling terrible physically.  And she loved her Life Connection Church family.

I remember when we had our first meeting about the new building construction she felt so bad she could hardly get out of bed, but she came to the meeting.  She was so excited to see LCC grow the love and change the world.

Here is part of the eulogy her husband Bob wrote:

“Helen’s smile was genuine and she passed them out generously without giving a thought to the power they contained. But, I think she knew, probably better than most, that the power of a smile could provide not only the conveyance of joy and happiness, but also of calmness and well being.”

You are invited to the service tomorrow.  It is going to be a celebration of Helen’s life.  Please pray for the healing for people that will need to happen in the service and for Bob as he goes forward without Helen by his side.