After years of borrowing baptismals from different churches, we bought a horse trough a couple of years ago for ourselves at Life Connection Church.  It quickly became know as “The Holy Horse Trough”.  One of our church family painted Holy Horse Trough with our logo on the side.  It is awesome.

It is a great baptismal.  It’s;

  • portable  .. its easy to get out and use on any given day.
  • fills up with a hose in about 40 minutes.
  • just the right width and hight to kneel behind and dunk without getting in the water as the dunker.
  • we empty it with an electric pump we bought at Walmart.
  • it notes easy on end in a closet
  • and the church likes it so much they would rather keep it than build a nice baptismal into the new building we are constructing soon.