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Dear Friends and Family of LCC,

Wow … What a great Easter week we had at Life Connection Church. I was writing notes and following up on our guests and I got to thinking, besides Easter weekend, how many people were involved in ministry at LCC this last week?

We had about 350 people in our Sunday services. If you add together Sunday, Good Friday, FPU class, Alpha class, and people who attended our seven Life Groups, we had 605 people ministry opportunities during Holy Week.

God is using the commitment and discipleship of LCCers to grow our church in numbers and individual maturity. (Quantity and quality) God is changing lives through the ministries of LCC.

Thanks so much to all of our volunteers. It is so incredible watching you serve in all areas. You are God’s love with skin for sure.

Don’t miss our Annual Chili Cook-Off this Sunday. We will also be having Communion in both services.

I will be teaching part two of the new series, “Miracle”. This week’s teaching is called, “The First Miracle Pointed The Way.” The disciples had no idea the significance of Jesus turning water into wine at the wedding in Cana.

You can see the notes and the video for the Easter message by clicking here …
Jesus Makes All Things Possible

You can still register for the Alpha course on Thursday nights. Click Here

The questions that will be answered in Alpha next Thursday are
Did Jesus exist?
How do we know what was written in the New Testament has not been changed over the years?
What did Jesus say about himself?
What evidence is there to support what Jesus said?
What evidence is there for the resurrection of Jesus?

I hope to see you Sunday. Bring a friend.

May God Bless you more than you could ever imagine.
Your Brotha from anotha motha