Angel Tree VolunteersI served tonight with other LCCers at the Angel Tree booth in the NE Mall.  Our church has served for years as volunteers for the Salvation Army Angel tree campaign.

Locally, in Tarrant County, Angel Tree provides generous loving people a way to fulfill the Christmas wishes and needs for nearly 60,000 individuals.  By adopting and Angel to provide for  we are blessed to be able to make a difference for parents with children who need our help at this particular time in their lives.

We have our own Angel adoptions at the church.  We volunteer for several shifts at the mall.  And one year we served at the Salvation Army
Warehouse as the parents of the Angels came and picked up the gifts.

photo-5The kids never know the gifts are not paid for by their parents.  It’s brilliant.  What an opportunity to be God’s love with skin.  We bless the parents and the parents are able to bless their kids.

I really enjoy serving at the mall assisting people as they choose their angels.  They are in such a joyous mood as they compassionately look at the angels and wrestle with their emotions as they try to decide which one to take off the tree or if they are going to stretch the budget a little more and pick two or three.  Do I get an older one and a younger one?  Do I get a couple of siblings?  There are three kids in this family, can I do three?  Are there any senior adults left from which to choose?

You can see the emotion on their faces and the excitement spreads to the child whose mom picks a boy his age, his size, and sometimes even his name.  Some have been back year after year and you can tell they are really looking forward to giving with love and joy.

God loves a cheerful giver and Angel Tree givers are truly cheerful.

I got a little choked up as I talked with the adopters about the adoptees.  It’s not hard to imagine angel faces as you read their names, see their needs and their wishes.

One lady wanted a seven year old girl because her daughter was seven.  We found one and she decided to also adopt her older sister.  The smile on her face was infectious.  She came for one opportunity to love and provide for one child and she got a bonus.

photo-7I was helping her in her search and I came across a little girl named Winter.  What a cool name.  The head Mall Angel Tree volunteer told me that people look through the angels for an emotional attachment.  It might be a name, a certain aged girl or boy, or a gift the child wants or needs that is the emotional trigger.

Winter …..  Winter is an eight year old little girl.  Besides her clothes and shoe size I don’t know anything else about her.  Winter …. I felt an emotional attachment to that name.  She needs a coat.  That’s what her card says.  Need: COAT.

I adopted Winter.

Winter … I can’t wait to buy your gifts and I can imagine your joy when your parents give them to you.  Merry Christmas …

And yes … It’s true … Angel Tree givers are cheerful givers.  And I feel the love.

Thanks to The Salvation Army for making this cheerful giving opportunity possible.

How about you?  Angel Trees will be adopting out kids till the gifts are due on Dec 10.  That’s next Wednesday.