Ambidextrous -Self Portrait
Ambidextrous -Self Portrait


The City of Euless has dropped our original house #7..  LCC is now on House #5.  If you already registered they moved you to 5.

Houses are filling up fast.  Go online today and register for one day or both days.  See below….

Community Powered Revitalization Oct 17-18… They have changed the sign up rules this year.  We cannot sign you up.  Go to 6 Stones Web Site to sign up.  Be sure to register for house #5 in Euless.  That’s the LCC house. You can register for Friday, Saturday or Both.   Sign up as soon as you can so we can all get on the same house.

Dear Friends and Family of LCC,


In Andy Stanley’s book Enemies of The Heart, he writes that the emotional enemies of our heart have a debt to debtor dynamic that causes personal and relational issues with God and people.

We saw last week that when struggling with guilt we have an “I owe you” attitude toward God and others.

This week we will be looking at anger.  The attitude of anger says “You Owe Me.”  Perhaps you have heard, “hurting people hurt people.”  Well angry hurting people believe they have something taken from them that has to be repaid.

Stanley writes, “Extremely angry people have already decided you won’t get it right before you even try.  They can’t let you get it right, otherwise they would lose their excuse to be angry.?”

Is that you?  Do you know someone who feels you owe them yet they won’t give you a chance to make it up?

Anger is not a sin.  It’s what you do with anger that determines if it is a sin or not.  Hanging on to anger is a sin. And it’s killing you and your relationship with God and people.

We all need this message, and we all have friends that need it.

I hope to see you Sunday and be sure to bring a friend.

God bless from your brotha from anotha motha