royal motorcycleDear Friends and Family of LCC,

NEW WORSHIP LEADER – We are searching for a new Sunday morning worship leader.  We will have some great subs in for the next few weeks.  Please be in prayer for the person God has for us.

We are blessed to have Brad Riley as our guest worship leader on Sunday.

LCC SUMMER FOOD DRIVE   – Thank you LCCers for being God’s Love With Skin again.  We took a pickup bed and back seat load of foods and blue jeans to 6 Stones Missions on Tuesday.  If you are on Facebook.  6 Stones has their own FB page you can like.  That makes it easy to keep up with all they have going on.

LCC will be participating in “Operation Back to School” on Saturday August 23.  They need 400 volunteers to serve all the families in need.  You only sign up for two hours.

Fifty Four Percent of the kids in HEB ISD come from economically disadvantaged families.  This is a great way to be God’s love with skin.  If you can’t volunteer you can donate money online.  Just $25.00 provides a kid with a backpack full of school supplies.

SUNDAY IS FIRST SUNDAY COMMUNION  or The Lord’s Supper in both services.

Sunday I will be teaching “We Are The Carriers of Hope For All.  Have you been reading ahead in Romans?  This week’s passage is Romans 15:7-13.  I am really excited about this passage.  God has put the responsibility of carrying the hope of the world on the local church.  That is us.  God designed His church, with Christ as the head, and us as the body to take hope to the world.

You know the world sees hope as just a wish; I hope I get this job, I hope I will be a good dad, I hope I will stay healthy.

In God’s Kingdom hope is a promise by the One who keeps promises.  Life Connection Church is a place God has designated and empowered to be where people go to be part of a family that is filled with “The Hope” that will fill a person with joy and peace because we trust in God.  Romans 15:13

I hope to see you at church on Sunday.  Bring a friend.  Everyone needs real hope.

God bless from your brotha from anotha motha