E - RoyalDear Friends and Family of LCC,

I have always somewhat struggled with being a people pleaser.  It still creeps into my mind occasionally.  Though not as bad now as when I was young.

Many people wrestle with the people pleasing weakness.  We like people to like us.  We are created to be in relationships with God and each other so it’s natural to be a people pleaser.  People say it’s because God is a Spirit.  It’s easier to relate to people than to a Spirit.  Or is it?

There is a major problem with spending your life seeking the approval of others. When you don’t get it, especially from the important people in your life, it can be devastating.

So … You hear from those who are supposed to know …  “Don’t be a people pleaser.”  and some even say, “Just please yourself.”

As Christians we know “Just please yourself” is wrong, but what about “Don’t be a people pleaser?”  Is that wrong.

Is it wrong to be a people pleaser?  That’s my topic for Sunday, and yes I am teaching in Romans.

See you Sunday and bring a people pleaser friend with you.


LCC SUMMER FOOD DRIVESunday’s in July bring food to benefit the “6 Stones New Hope” food pantry.  You can find a list of food needed by clicking here …  They also need some new to slightly used blue jeans. (Adults and children)

God bless from your brotha from anotha motha


TWO Videos From Last Sunday ….

Three Minute Time Lapse Video of Pot Luck Lunch
Fast motion three minute video of Setting up for the lunch – Eating – Tearing down – and resetting the Worship Center.
It’s kind of cool if I may say so myself.

Sermon: It’s Our Job To Make Each Other Better