Dear Friends and Family of LCC,

Don’t forget:

LCC SUMMER FOOD DRIVE … Sunday’s in July bring food to benefit the “6 Stones New Hope” food pantry.  You can find a list of food needed by clicking here …  They also need some new to slightly used blue jeans. (Adults and children)

I can tell by looking at the stack you guys are waiting till the last minute to pile it up.  😉

You know everyone thinks about the hungry in the winter and around the holidays, butpeople are still hungry in the summer.  Let’s help the New Hope Food Pantry out.

I will be teaching from Romans Chapter 14 this Sunday.  I am calling it “Right, Wrong, and The Book of Opinion.”  When God’s church is the strongest is when we are in unity.  God’s Word teaches that when we study the Word, and are in agreement to the rights and the wrongs, the necessary of Scripture, we grow towards unity.  That is one of the goals God has for His church.

Unfortunately, as you know, the church is not always unified.  Churches sometimes break up over the opinions or convictions of a person or groups of people.

What are some things you were taught growing up that you thought were right or wrong and then you found out they were just opinions?

In this weeks passage in Romans, the apostle Paul is setting it straight.  I think it will be an interesting teaching to you and to any guest you bring.

See you Sunday … Bring a friend.

God bless from your brotha from anotha motha


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