E - RoyalLAST SUNDAY’S MESSAGEWe Are All Gifted And Talented  Romans 12:6-8

Dear Friends and Family of LCC,

What a great Father’s Day we had last Sunday. Traditionally, across the country, Father’s Day is a low attended Sunday.  Last Sunday was one of our higher attended days.  Way to go LCC.

Do you live “The Good Life”?  I have heard people talk about wanting to live the good life since I was a kid.  What is the good life?  I mean what would it look like, feel like?  I see photos of people on vacation with the caption, “the Good Life”.  That may feel like the good life, but we know it really is not.

People seem surprised when rich successful people try to drink away their problems or they end their lives.  It just seems like if you have enough stuff and the ability to buy more stuff, it would be the good life.

People start out as young adults chasing after the good life.  They chase one thing, and then another, and another.  Some give up after a couple of tries, and others chase their whole lives thinking if they could just take it another step, it would be the good life.

It never is.  You never get there.

Authors and publishers have made fortunes selling books that promise the good life.  And the guy looking for that illusive next step, he buys every one.

I think most people decide the good life is unreachable.  Its only meant for some.  So they settle.  They try to convince themselves they are content.  But they are not.  They have just lost hope for a good life.

There is a good life.  There is a Book that teaches the good life, and a loving God who offers contentment.

The apostle Paul wrote The Book of Romans.  It is the greatest letter, the most life changing letter that has ever been written.

This Sunday morning, in chapter twelve of that letter, we are going to look at a list, a check-list of “How to Live a Good Life.”

Don’t forget, everyone you know wants to live a”The Good Life”.  They can begin on Sunday.

Bring a friend.

God bless from your brotha from anotha motha