romansDear Friends and Family of LCC,
We had a great Sunday last week and God showed again how He takes care of business.  Our guest speaker for Sunday missed his flight on Saturday, and it was the only one out of that airport that day.  The good thing was that Lisa and I were driving back early from our vacation so we could be here on Sunday morning and hear Rick speak.

He called me as we were traveling through Louisiana and told me the bad news.  Immediately God brought to mind a message I had taught on Easter Sunday 2011.  So I dug into the archives when I got home at 8:30 pm on Saturday and prepared to teach.

I was so tired Sunday morning from the thirteen hour drive on Saturday, but when I started to teach God’s words the Holy Spirit gave me the energy I needed.

If you missed Sunday here is the link to the video and notes ..  “The Three Most Powerful Words – It Is Finished.”

Don’t miss this Sunday as it is “Communion Sunday“.

I am excited to get back into teaching through the Book of Romans on Sunday.  I will be in chapter twelve and I am calling this message, “How To Absolutely Feel Loved.”

Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Easter and the “Grow The Love” campaign I have been teaching topical messages for discipleship and vision purposes.

I have so enjoyed digging into the verse by verse study of Romans.  It is truly the greatest letter ever written.  I know the Word of God changes lives and I so look forward to teaching on Sunday. 

This is from Sunday’s message:

Humans have a deep desire to feel loved and significant.

We feel more loved when we feel significant and more significant when we feel loved.

As long as we stay self-centered, it is impossible to feel loved and significant for any longer than a short period of time.  Just enough to make you believe you can do it on your own.

So how do we fix it?  Glad you asked.

Every One of us need to hear this.  I hope yo see you Sunday and bring a friend.

God bless from your brotha from anotha motha