Logo_ontransparent convertedDear Friends and Family of LCC,

When I was young I went to church for all the wrong reasons.  I mostly went because I felt I had to, I would feel guilty, or my wife would drag me.  I didn’t go very often, and when I did, I did not get much out of it.

I can hardly relate to that now.  After our daughter was born, I went back to church because I believed that in order to be a better father, I needed God and I wanted to make sure my daughter knew Him.

So I committed.  Mostly for her, I committed to being at church every Sunday.  I not only committed to being at church physically, I committed to being there mentally.

That commitment, that physical and mental commitment, God used to change my heart.  My faith came after I made the commitment to listen.  The love I had for my baby daughter was a powerful motivator.  Then I allowed the Holy Spirit to change me.

I am so thankful.  It did not take long before God had me heart and soul.  He changed me through the renewing of my mind.  (Romans 12:1-2)  I listened, I learned, and I obeyed.  The more He changed my mind the more my heart changed.  The more my heart changed, the more I could not wait to get to church to worship and hear the Word of God.  When Sunday morning came I was ready.

Being ready for Sunday morning is so important.  The quality of your worship and the ability to hear God is determined by the condition of your mind and your heart.

Besides brushing your teeth, combing your hair, and getting dressed, what do you do to get ready for church?

Its easy to get disconnected from God during the week and then feel to disconnected to make it to church on Sunday.  When you feel that disconnect, it is hard to remember the connect.  That is why the commitment is so important.

Commit to that weekly spiritual pep-rally and worship time. Except for vacations, don’t even consider scheduling anything else during church time.  After living out the commitment it will become a regular part of who you are and others will know what you do on Sunday mornings.  Seeing your commitment will probably make it easier for you to invite friends to church.

The second way to get ready is to pray before you go to church.  Prepare yourself for corporate worship by worshiping God and asking God for forgiveness before you get to church.

The third way to make yourself ready for Sunday church, is to think and pray during the week about who you could invite to church.  Have spiritual conversations with friends.  Pray for them.  Ask them to church.

Nine out of ten people surveyed say they would go to church if invited by a friend.  It feels good to bring a friend to church and they are more open to the experience because they are there with you.

I hope to see you Sunday.  I am excited to teach what God has laid on my heart this week.  If a friend was to ask you where faith comes from, what would you say?  That is our topic for Sunday.

Easter Sunday is Just Three Weeks Away … April 20 ..

Someone you know is already wondering where to go for church on Easter.

Don’t forget to bring filled plastic Easter Eggs for the Kid’s Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday

April 6 is our Annual Chili Cook-Off.  We have thirteen contestants so far.  This is a great day to bring friends to church.

Don’t forget to “Grow The Love and Change The World”
God bless from your brotha from anotha motha