42/365 of Project 365  Photo a Day

This is the Grandfather clock Lisa and I have in our den.

I have always wanted a clock that chimed.  We went to my grandmothers in England several times when I was growing up.  The last time we went  I was fourteen.  Grandmother had a mantel clock on each of her two fireplace mantels.  I used to love the sound of the clocks striking on the hour during the night.  That has always been a fond memory for me.

Early in our marriage we had a couple of battery operated clocks that chimed, but they just weren’t the same. We bought the big grandfather clock for our twenty-fifth anniversary in 2004.  I love it, and I love winding it every Monday.

My three-year old grand-daughter likes our clock.  She loves to count the gongs and tell us what time it is.  My nine month old grand son stops to listen when it chimes.

I hope one day when they are grown the sound of a chiming clock will remind them of the good times they had at Sheesha and Da’s house.

Nine Gongs
Nine Gongs