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I had stopped going to Starbucks.  They were always to crowded and too small.  Some patrons would get there early, buy a tall (small) cup of coffee, and use the wi-fi all day long.

Now one of the newer and bigger stores have opened not far from my house.  It is usually not very crowded and I can get a comfy chair or couch on Monday, my day off, and hang out awhile.  I usually purchase a Venti (Large) Hot Chocolate and some kind of bread or cake.  If it is crowded I do not stay as long.

Why go to Starbucks when I can sit at home on a cold day and drink coffee?  I just like the atmosphere.  I like to people watch.  I can check out reading and listening to Pandora with my ear buds blocking out the rest of the noise, or I can just day-dream, watch, and sometimes listen.  I wonder about the stories as I watch people sitting alone or interacting with others.

Starbucks likes to be known as The Third Place.  You know, you have home, work, and then Starbucks.  I think they do a pretty good job at it, when the store is not too full.

Third Place on a Cold Day
Third Place on a Cold Day