E - RoyalDear Friends and Family of LCC,

We prayed for the new building team about a month ago, and they have already met three times and we have an architect.  We are working on a full out master plan we will be presenting to the church soon.  But in the meantime …. This Sunday we will be updating you on the progress and giving a glimpse of some preliminary drawings.  We want to keep the LCC family informed as we move along.  Your prayers and support are so important.

We had an awesome day on Sunday.  We had a great time of worship and we brought more chairs in for the second service.  As we continue to grow it is easy to see the need for the extra space for ministry the new building will provide in our Kid Connection and worship areas.

Thanks to those of you who have already started giving toward the building fund.  Their is a designated line for the fund at www.lifeconnectionchurch.org if you want to give on line.  If you mail a check  or put one in the offering toward the fund please write “building fund” on the memo line.

This Sunday will be First Sunday Communion, my favorite Sunday of the month.

Along with the new building update I will be teaching a message I am calling, “The Church People Run To“.

When I was a counselor, one of the things that bothered me most was that when people were struggling with life they would leave their church.  It’s not unusual for people to pull away from others when life is hard or takes a turn for the worse.  I just thought, “When people are struggling with sin, anxiety, depression, or hurting for any reason they should run to church instead of away from church.”  That’s one of the reasons I became a pastor.  Maybe the main reason.  I dream of leading a church that people run to instead of from.

Of course it’s not always the church’s fault.  People pull away from very loving and caring churches.  If a person is dealing with anger or shame that is created by his circumstances or how he feels about God he might pull away.

It should be in the DNA of a Christian Church, a church that practices being God’s love with skin, to always be striving to be the church that people run to.  The church of Jesus is the hope of the world.  As we take the love of God out into our community my prayer is that they realize that LCCers love God and love people.

I pray that as we grow and make a bigger impact on our community we will be known as a church of grace, truth, and love to our community.  I pray that LCCers know that when life is hard, the best place to be in among God’s people.