IMG_0657Dear Friends and Family of LCC,

You know a very high percentage of Christian churched kids … I mean kids who have been in church with their parents all the way through high school …  pull away from God and church in their young adult years, especially college students.  Their faith is challenged as they try to make it on their own more than at any time in their lives.  Many of their adult friends and a very high percentage of their university professors are not only disinterested, agnostic or professed atheists, they are aggressively antagonistic toward people of faith.

That’s one of the reasons I was so excited to get a Facebook message from Danielle a couple of weeks ago.  She wanted to talk to me about being baptized during our Christmas Eve service.  Danielle spent most of her childhood at Life Connection Church.  She is now a sophomore with a full scholarship at Rice University in Houston.  She is smart.

Danielle became a Christian a long time ago.  She said, “I have never really thought being baptized was a big deal.”  She is away from all of her family and church support and wants to grow in her faith.  She said, “I realized that if if I can’t take a step of faith and get baptized, I probably won’t be able to take other important faith steps.”  I told you she is smart.

She took the step, or should I say the plunge.  Check the photo above.

It will be 2014 in just a few days.  People are always telling me they want to be stronger in their faith.  They want to be more like Jesus.  They think about God using them to do big God things or more God things.  Here is the deal.  In order to get there from here you have to take the next step.  Big faith starts with small steps of obedience.

How are you going to grow in your faith in 2014?  If you try, you will be challenged.  Start off by deciding to be obedient to what you know.  Stop doing the things you know you are not supposed to do and start doing the things God has already asked of you.  Maybe you need to commit to making Jesus Lord of your life.  Maybe you need to be baptized.  Maybe you need to spend more time talking to God and reading the Bible.  Maybe … Just maybe … You need to be obedient to what you already know.

Jesus said, Those who accept my commandments and obey them are the ones who love me. And because they love me, my Father will love them. And I will love them and reveal myself to each of them.” John 14:21

And He give you the power to obey.  For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength. Phil 4:13

What do you need to do to grow in your faith?  Start stepping.  One step in the right direction at a time.

I know people who struggle with making a church a priority.  As a believer it is important to have your weekly spiritual pep-rally.  Start 2014 off with a commitment.  If your spiritual family becomes your Sunday morning priority it will help you make Jesus a priority in the rest of your life.

At LCC we need to take some faith steps as well.  I will be updating you on the steps we will be taking to build a new building in 2014.  After much prayer, we have a team that is working on it.  We have already started a building fund.  If you want to give to that fund as an end of the year gift, there is a designation choice to give to that fund on our LCC giving page.

Dec 31 –  If you are going to make an end of the year donation to Life Connection Church … First of all thank you very much … Second of all, if you want it as a donation that counts on your 2013 tax records it must be received by Tuesday Dec 31.  Offering by Sunday Dec 29.  Online giving by 31st.  Or if by mail it needs to be post marked by the 31st.

If you are a friend of LCC, thank you so much for your support and prayer.

Join us for a great Sunday….. And bring a friend….

Thanks and God Bless.. Your Brotha from anotha motha