E - RoyalGood morning … It’s one week away from Thanksgiving .. Of course I love the gathering together of family we only get to see once or twice a year.  Something else I really enjoy is the traditions that come with the season.  I have been listening to the “Fiddler on the Roof” movie track on Spotify, and one my favorite songs is “Tradition“.  There are things about tradition that are just comfortable.  They create and bring back great memories.


We started a new family tradition a few years ago at Lisa’s mom and dad’s house.  It’s another opportunity to gather.  On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving we have a turkey/chicken fry.  Lisa’s dad cranks up the turkey fryer and the family comes, mostly in the evening, but some throughout the day.  We bring a turkey or a hen, Lisa’s mom makes some chicken and dumplings and the rest of us bring a different variety of appetizers, side dishes, snacks, and of course desserts.


While we take turns frying the birds, we talk, we hug, we laugh and we just enjoy each other.  I think, with our busy people filled lives, the more opportunities we have to gather, the better life is.  Tradition helps give us a stronger foundation.


I really try to enjoy the family gathering traditions we have now.  Some of our old traditions are gone, because some of our family are gone.  I miss the huge gatherings at my grandmother’s in Baytown.  My dad had 10 brothers and sisters which made for lots of cousins.  We all crammed in a very small house, and it was awesome.  That tradition went away a long time ago, but it is still such an awesome part of my memory.  It is a strong foundation to my joy.


I love sharing family traditions with my children and grandchildren.  One day … when all the people of these traditions are gone … I hope my grandchildren will have new family traditions, and they will look back with very comfortable memories of our traditions.  And they will tell their grandkids.  And their grandkids will see the joy in the eyes of their grandparents and get a sense of the strength of love that was developed on the foundation of family tradition.


Traditions, traditions.  Without our traditions, our lives would be as shaky as… as… as afiddler on the roof.” ~ Tevye

Do you have some great memories of tradition?  What tradition do you have now that you love?