royal motorcycleDear Friends and Family of LCC,

Another great Sunday at LCC.  Thanks so much to all the volunteers who made it happen.  You are awesome…. Below is last Sunday in a nutshell….

  • Awesome time of worship in two services
  • Communion, or if you prefer, “The Lord’s Supper”
  • Five baptisms
  • 207 in attendance (Been averaging 180)
  • Parking lot was full and people parked in grass
  • Began New Teaching Series:  The Ultimate Controlled Life 
  • Second Annual Cookie Chill-Off was a huge success

It was an awesome day to be hanging out with God’s LCC family and guests.  God is so good and when His family gets together to worship and hangout, it is incredibly fun.

Congratulations to our 2nd Annual Cookie Chill-Off Winners (See photo above) … 1st – David Howe (Brad is in picture because Dave had to leave early) 2nd was last year’s champ Andrea Mace, and there was a two way tie for third, Allie Long and Callan Farris … The Scoop Award went to Callan Farris.

Two fathers were baptized on Sunday.  Jared has a one year old daughter, he was baptized along with his wife Jessica.  John was baptized along with his two teenage sons, Spencer and Trevor.  There are studies that show fathers have a bigger spiritual influence in a kids life than any other influence.  Kids look to their dad’s to see if God is real.  Women typically are the most spiritual while men have the most influence.

Both father’s told me they have been in church for most of their lives but they had never made a real commitment to following Christ.  They made the commitment to Jesus being Lord of their lives and followed it up with a baptism.  What a great moment for them and what a great witness to the importance of Jesus to their families and friends.  You can go to church your whole life, but you make God real to you and those who know you when you are obedient and you make God relevant to your every day life.

Also congratulations to Jessica, Spencer, and Trevor.  What an awesome step of faith.  May all of your lives be forever changed and may your baptisms be a huge step walking toward being more like Jesus every day.  As your church family may we be the human support and encouragement you need.

This Sunday I am excited to be teaching part 2 of “The Ultimate Controlled Life“.   I am calling Part 2 – “Full-Time Benefits”.  Most Christians are part-time Christians.  As a part-timer, you don’t receive the benefits that a full time Christ follower is promised.  If you know the benefits, naturally you would think “Why wouldn’t a Christian go full-time?”  The reason is they have lost their passion for Jesus.  We will look at four reasons a Christian loses his passion for Christ and the consequences that come with the loss.

If you are part of the LCC family or are looking for a church home, please join us this Sunday.  If you used to go to LCC and are nervous about coming back, you will be welcomed with open arms.

If you are a friend of LCC, thank you so much for your support and prayer.

Join us for a great Sunday….. And bring a friend….

Thanks and God Bless.. Your Brotha from anotha motha