royal motorcycleDear Friends and Family of LCC,

I am thankful to have been able to take last week off.  People have been asking all week where I went.  The answer is nowhere .  I took a little stay-cation.  I did some studying, praying, motorcycle riding and a lot of chilling.  Then on Sunday, when you were listening to my friend Billy Taylor teach, I was sitting on my back porch listening to a couple of sermons by Bill Hybels at Willow Creek Church in the Chicago area.  He has always been a favorite preacher of mine.

I heard from credible sources, that y’all had a great Sunday.

I am always happy to be back at LCC, and this Sunday is going to be awesome.  We will be using our newly painted “Holy Horse Trough” baptismal. (See photo above). Thanks to Lindsay Wendt for the awesome custom paint job.  We will have several baptisms in both services.  If you have been thinking about being baptized, it’s not too late for this Sunday.  Email me, Facebook Message me, or call the church. 817.788.1414.

We will have a great Sunday morning of worship lead by Scott and our worship band andCommunion .  God is so good and nothing reminds us of His love like baptism andcommunion.

I will break away from teaching Romans for the rest of September.  I am teaching a new series I am calling, “The Ultimate Controlled Life“.  I have always said that ultimate control is giving up control.  We call Jesus Lord of our lives yet we are afraid to give Him control.  Because of our holding onto the reigns so tightly we struggle with anxiety, depression, anger, bitterness, feeling overwhelmed, mental and physical fatigue and many other negative feelings that we follow up with sinful actions.

What does “The Ultimate Controlled Life” look like?  For starters it is a life of contentment, peace, joy, love, patience, confidence, and self-control.  And that’s just the start.

Do you know anyone who would not like a life like that?  No one in their right mind would turn down that kind of life if they knew it was possible?  It is .

And then … After all of that incredible Sunday morning goodness … Our “Second Annual Cookie Chill-Off“.   Last year Andrea was champ.  Callan came in second and Tiffany took third.  Josh won the “Scoop” award.

It will be a great fun contest and covered dish lunch at 12:30 in our worship center/LCC Banquet Hall.

So join us for a great Sunday….. And bring a friend….

Thanks and God Bless.. Your Brotha from anotha motha