royal motorcycleDear Friends and Family of LCC,

What is the deal with Zombies?  Why are people so into the “living dead”?  I used to think that about all the vampire movies and shows.  Now it seems they can’t put the zombie shows and movies out fast enough.

I just googled zombie …. 222,000,000 hits…..

Then I googled vampire …. also 222,000,000 hits

According to “The Stir“,

Sarah Lauro, an English professor at Clemson University who studied zombies while working on her doctoral degree, theorizes that zombies have become popular because we are dissatisfied with the government or society. Lauro is a self-described horror “chicken” who researched movies, television shows, video games, and zombie walks in order to explore the nature of zombies in society.

I was just wondering if she got a government grant to study zombies?

I have a different theory.  I think people like zombies because they don’t feel good about themselves.  I think that is the same reason people like to watch other people fail.  That’s why these silly, and embarrassing, reality TV shows are so big.

People want to watch people who have problems so they can feel better about themselves.  When I counseled people who had decided to work on their marriage instead of getting divorced, they had friends who would try to talk them into going ahead with the divorce.  It was not their married friends who were encouraging the end of the marriage, it was their divorced friends.  I would counsel them to tell their friends that if they could not be an encourager for saving the marriage, they could not be their friends.

In last week’s message “Free At Last” from Romans chapter eight the apostle Paul told us that we don’t have to be miserable about the sin in our lives any more because God had declared, through Jesus Christ,

So now there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus. 2 And because you belong to him, the power of the life-giving Spirit has freed you from the power of sin that leads to death. Romans 8:1-2

We can now, in our everyday lives, strive to be the best we can be through the power of Jesus.  We can live our lives modeling after the life and character of Christ.  We can raise the bar, because we are free.

He goes on to tell us not to live the dead life.  So I am calling this week’s message,

Zombies Are Dead, So Don’t Be a Zombie

See you at LCC on Sunday.  Bring a friend.