royal motorcycleDear Friends and Family of LCC,

What a hard and tragic month this has been for people in Texas and Oklahoma.  Terrible tornadoes have ripped through and destroyed many homes, businesses, and whole neighborhoods.  Adults and children were just hanging out doing life at one moment and the next they were gone.  I have prayed, along with many in our nation, for the losses and for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

You see the best come out of people during these times.  People are donating their money, giving of their time and physical strength, loading up their own vehicles and carrying much needed supplies to help with the recovery of communities.  I know the GHS football team loaded up three big trucks yesterday and delivered some much needed supplies.  They had one truck and had to scramble for two more to carry the the fruits of the generosity of those who heard there was a truck going to OK.  People rushed toward the opportunity to help those in need.

People seem to be amazed by the compassion displayed by others.  Most people, who are at least somewhat psychologically healthy, want to help people when they are in pain.  You know we have all been made in God’s image.  There is a good moral core that came with our creation. Even though we are all sinners and selfish, including Christians, we feel the pain of others and we feel better about ourselves if we can help someone in need.

I guess people are surprised by compassion or good deeds because we see the bad all the time.  Mostly, and I mean almost all, of what we see on the news is bad.  I guess fear sells the news better than love. I am not sure why that is.  Although I think it’s because we can feel better about ourselves when we see others fail.  That’s a subject for another post.

The Texas Baptist Men made the news.  They are a disaster relief people feeding machine.  They volunteer their time, including using up their vacation days to rush all over the country helping those in need.  Way to go guys … Thanks for being God’s love with skin.

Every time you see this kind of outpouring of love you here somebody say or see someone write something like, “Today my faith in human nature was restored.”

As Christians that should be our goal, instead of trying to win all the arguments. Or even being in the arguments in the first place.  “Love Wins”

People should see us representing Christ and say, “Today my faith in human nature has been restored.” 

Then we can say‘ “I can not take the credit. Christ restored me.”