Logo_ontransparent convertedDear Friends and Family of LCC,

This Sunday is Palm Sunday and the beginning of Holy Week or Passion Week.  Passion week, the week leading up to Jesus willingly, faithfully, and lovingly going to the cross to sacrifice His own perfect sinless life to pay for the sins of the world.  That’s right.  Jesus died for you and me and any person you will ever make eye contact with for the rest of your life on earth. 

The story of Passion Week is told in all four Gospels.  I have been studying John’s telling of the story.  John describes himself as Jesus’ closest friend.  John was the only disciple who was not hiding in fear of losing his life as Jesus was hanging on the cross.  John stood next to Jesus’ mother Mary at the foot of the cross while Jesus took His last human breath.

So much happened in that last week.  Why don’t you read it this week?  Passion week starts in John 12 with Jesus’ friend Mary anointing his feet with an expensive perfume and wiping off his feet with her own hair.  Then you realize what kind of a person Judas is when he gripes about her actions being a waste of money.

Then Palm Sunday happens followed by a busy week of Jesus taking care of business and focusing on his followers and praying a lot.

Then … You know what he does before everyone bails on him and he gives himself up for arrest?  I am glad you asked.  That’s what I will be teaching on Sunday.  It is something you would never expect from a person who is about to be betrayed by his best friends and die a brutal death.

Well, maybe you would expect it from Jesus

I am calling Sunday’s teaching, Holy Week: “Father, The Hour Has Come”  

We will also be watching a powerful video that has made my spirit jump and my heart weep all week.

I hope to see you Sunday and for sure … Bring a friend.

And don’t miss our Good Friday Tenebrae service at Sunset. March 29

God Bless
Your brotha from anotha motha