binocularsI have always been a people watcher …

I will sit for hours in a mall or on a busy street and just watch …

I mostly love watching people who are:

  • curious
  • fascinated
  • showing respect
  • confused
  • determined
  • encouragers
  • happy
  • excited
  • comforting or helping others
  • amazed
  • surprised
  • content
  • at peace
  • in love
  • loving
  • full of joy
  • in awe

Below is a video of a “flash mob” to Beethoven’s Symphony #9.  It begins with one musician and builds to a full orchestra.

If you are a people watcher you will love this video.

Watch the people.

Watch the people who are watching.  Watch the children, the adults, the parents watching with their children.

Watch the musicians.


When you watch people, what do you look for?