Logo_ontransparent convertedDear Friends and Family of Life Connection Church,

How is your prayer life?  Most Christians would say, “Not very good” or “It could use some improvement.”   Probably the number one thing most Christians would like to improve, in their spiritual life, is their prayer life. Prayer is not natural.  We are not sure how to talk with God.  I mean God is a Spirit, and we are not.  Most of our prayers seem powerless, are one sided and very self-centered.  Is that any way to build a relationship with our heavenly Father?

God wanted a relationship with us so bad that He sent His only Son as a sacrifice to remove the sin that was keeping us apart. (1 John 4:10) He made the first move and He wants to be a part of every part of our lives.  He knows you … Read Psalm 139 … He wants you to know Him.  Thatis why the spiritual discipline of prayer is so important.  If you are going to get to know God, and God’s will, you have to spend time in His Word, be obedient, and have intimate conversations with Him about everything…  Read Phil 4:6 …

For the past few weeks we have been advertising our next Equip and Connect Class … Next Thursday (Feb 21) night’s class will be “How to Talk to God“. (7:00pm-8:30pm)   I am looking forward to being a student that night as a long time friend of Lisa’s and mine, Teena Goble, will be teaching the class.  Teena has a ministry called PrayerCare.  PrayerCare’s ministry statement is “PrayerCare exists to encourage and equip individuals in the establishment and development of an ongoing, deeply personal relationship with God that is increasingly intense, intimate, and interactive.”

Teena is a longtime prayer warrior for LCC and for Lisa and me.  She teaches prayer conferences all over the world.  If having a better more intimate prayer life is a desire of yours, you do not want to miss this class.  As the other Equip and Connect classes have been, LCC is offering this free to anyone who wants to come.

If you want free child-carewe need your reservation by Sunday, Feb 17, so we can hire sitters.  I will say it againChild-care for this event is free.

You can register for this class on Sunday at LCC or online by going here ….. “How to Talk to God” Registration … 

Here is another question for you.  What is a Christian like?  What kind of a person should he or she be, inside and out?  I came up with a short list from the Bible.  A Christian should be, feel and or exhibit;  love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,  gentleness, self-control, humility, confidence, Wisdom, honesty, hope, perseverance, faith, Spirit lead, intimacy with God, freedom of forgiveness, encourager of good, hunger to be more like Christ …..

So you say … Why doesn’t that describe most Christians?  I am glad you asked … On Sunday I will be teaching a message from Romans 6 I am calling, “New Spiritual DNA“.  We will find out why Christians are not living up to their full awesome potential.

I hope you will join us and bring a friend.  Nine out of ten people say they would go to church with a friend who invited them.

Ask somebody today.  They may not come the first time… Ask them again….  In the mean time .. live out your faith in front of them.

We have a new online giving page on our website … It is better than the last and it allows more options.  Some of you have asked about a recurring donation option.  We now have that option.  Thanks for you financial support.  Your resources are being used to change lives to people who are God’s love with skin.  Here is the link yo our new page..  LCC Donations

God Bless
Your brotha from anotha motha