royal motorcycleDear Friends and Family of Life Connection Church,

As a teacher of the Word of God, there is a big difference between teaching series and messages that are topical and teaching through books of the Bible.  When teaching topical studies you get to choose the topics (marriage, leadership, dealing with depression, parenting)  and the Scripture that applies.  When teaching through books of the Bible, the Holy Scriptures and the topics choose you. 

One of the best known Bible teaching pastors of our generation, John Piper, said of teaching the book of Romans “For almost 18 years of preaching here at Bethlehem I have waited and waited for the time when it would seem most fitting to preach through Paul’s letter to the Romans. I have considered it again and again, and backed off from the task – like a mountain climber gazing up into the clouds around the peak of Mount Everest and then turning to lower heights. It has felt very daunting.”

Several times while teaching through Romans I have told our church, “Go back and meditate on this passage.  There is much more in there than I have taught this morning.”  This week will be no different.  I will be teaching Romans 5:12-21 on Sunday.  In this section, of the Greatest Letter Ever Written, Paul takes us back to the original sin of Adam and explains how sin entered the earth through one man, Adam.  With Adam the reign of sin and death began on the earth.  He compares Adam to Christ and explains how Christ, “the second Adam” defeated sin and death and brought life to God’s creation.  Christ undid the damage of Adam’s sin and accomplished much more good than Adam’s bad by not only reconnecting us to God but making us children of God.

John Piper taught Six individual sermons on these ten verses I will be teaching one and praying that you take this very important passage and meditate on what God has to teach you about the basics of why we need Christ.  I am calling this teaching “Life Rules and Death Drools.”  The word reign is used four times in this passage. It’s about life, death, sin and righteousness.  It is part of the core of the Gospel.  Give it a read before you come to church.

You can see last weeks massage along with the notes here … You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Lived

Who have you asked to church lately?  Nine out of ten people surveyed say they would go to church if a friend invited them.  They may not come the first time, so keep asking.  In the mean time live out your faith around them so they will see that your faith is real and life changing. 

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God Bless
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