Logo_ontransparent convertedDear Friends and Family of Life Connection Church,

January of 2013 was an awesome month at Life Connection ChurchWe are growing.  New families are joining our family.  We ran out of bulletins, printed more the next week and ran out again.  People are making commitments to Christ for the first time.  We had an adult baptism last week and will have another this Sunday along with our first Sunday of the month communion service.

I went back to the “Romans: The Greatest Letter Ever Written” series.  Teaching through this wonderful letter Paul wrote to the Christians in Rome is life changing for all of us.  Week after week the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is so powerful, exciting, and life changing.  If you have missed a Sunday, the video messages are on our website.   

This Sunday I will be in chapter five.  In my Bible the first eleven verses are subtitled, “Faith Brings Joy“.   I am calling this Sunday’s message, “You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Lived.”  Many times when I talk to someone about following Jesus they say something like, “I want to live first.  I want to have a good time before I become a person of faith.”  If you are a person of faith, you know that you didn’t really start living until your life was made new by Christ.  When you feel like a new person and your sins have been forgiven … that’s when life really starts.  People just think partying or freedom to do whatever immoral or selfish thing you want to do is living.  It’s not. 

Those things don’t make you feel like you are living.  The longer a person is away from God, the heavier the burdens of their past become.  Freedom through Christ is what gives real life.  It’s not a new life like, “I have turned over a new leaf.”  It’s life like, “I have been made brand new.  I have a new start in my life.  I feel free from the stress of being trapped in my old me.”

It is a blessed life.  Following Christ is simple but it won’t be easy.  It will be a life of peace with God, hope, joy, self-improvement, a strong sense of the presence of God and His love, and continual forgiveness and reconciliation with Him.

Sunday we will look at seven different blessings of really living that Paul writes about in this chapter.  It will be life changing.  Bring a friend.

Cameron will be taking his first Sunday off since coming to LCC.  He and Tiffany are going to visit family in Oklahoma.  We will have guest worship leaders this Sunday.  Yes, I said leaders.  Barry and Michelle Patterson come highly recommended by a couple of pastor friends of mine.  They will be joined by their teen-aged kids who are also singers and musicians.

Let’s get to church early and show our worship leader guests what awesome people we are at LCC.  

God Bless
Your brotha from anotha motha