logo heart-cross transparentDear Friends and Family of Life Connection Church,

I have always said that LCC people are the best.  It seems it has always been in our DNA to be God’s love with skin.  I have always heard about the 20/80 church rule.  The 20/80 rule says that, in a typical church, 20% of the people do 80% of the work.  That has never been the case for LCC.  I have always been blown away by the generosity of LCCers with their time, talent, and resources.  LCCers jump in where they see the need.  It is awesome to pastor/shepherd a group of people who are not the statistically typical church.

My calling is to shepherd a community of faith to love God and love people and to practice being God’s love with skin.  I am so thankful that I am allowed to do what I do. Thank you LCC people for being who you are.  What I love most is to see pre-believers become believers and new believers become fully devoted followers of Christ.  That’s why pastors do what we do.

I saw the results of a recent poll that I found interesting.  Thom Rainer, CEO of Lifeway Christian Resources and daily blogger,  surveyed twenty-three pastors and asked them this question: “What do you desire in church members?”   Here are the top ten answers in order of frequency.  

  1. Vibrant prayer life
  2. Spirit of Unity
  3. Respect of pastor’s family
  4. Members who are critical to my face. (One hard thing about being a pastor is that most people who are critical do not come to you.  They will speak behind your back, become a less invested and or negative church member, or leave.)
  5. Encouragers
  6. Faithful Attendees  (Your faithful attendance is important because of the positive effect it has on the worship service and it shows your level of commitment)
  7. Members who share their faith
  8. Members who lead their families spiritually
  9. Members who confront other members for being negative or critical. (I bet this one surprises you. Negativity spreads like wild fire and a shared sense of negativity will hurt times of worship and the unity of the church  … Remember that hurting people hurt people)
  10. Members who read the Bible regularly.

I have taught and spoke about many of these on Sunday mornings or in past blogs or emails.  I think it is interesting to see a list of them and for us to be aware that our individual commitment to faith and our church influences what happens within the body of faith.

We believe, as Jesus taught, that loving God and loving people are the most important commands, and the physical representation of those commands looks like God’s people being God’s love with skin.

Thanks again LCCers for being such a caring family.

I hope to see you Sunday.  I will continue teaching, Romans: The Greatest Letter Ever Written.  This week’s message is “Life Changing Promises You Can Trust” from the fourth chapter of Romans.  We will talk about three levels of faith that Christians move back and forth through and how to say at a high level.

You can see last weeks message “what Will Be Your Faith Legacy” and notes here.  And a short  two minute video from last Sunday, “What Will They Say About You At Your Funeral?”

Thanks LCCers for your commitment to the LCC family of faith.  Thanks also to you who are friends of LCC and support our ministries with your prayers and resources.

See you in church on Sunday.  Bring a friend.

God Bless
Your brotha from anotha motha