logo heart-cross transparentRomans: The Greatest Letter Ever Written #12  — Romans 4:1-17

 The influence of your faith is your Christian legacy.  Your influence is toward or away from God.

 1)     Start where you are. Trust God with your future.

 God does not accept the person on account of his works, but He accepts the works on account of the (believing) person. ~ Martin Luther

 a)    Abraham was justified by his faith, not works.  Vs 1-5

 b)   David’s legacy is that no matter how bad the sin ..  God forgives the faithful repentant.  Vs 6-8

  • Recognize you have sinned.
  • Ask forgiveness and repent
  • Believe God and live as forgiven
  • Experience the reconnected life

 2)    Don’t let natural human thinking block your faith.  Vs  9-16

 a)   Self-Guilt over sin.  (Commission, Omission)

 b)     Fear of trusting God over self.

 c)      Trusting your feelings over Truth.

 3)     Faith that brings righteousness and God’s promises.

 That is what the Scriptures mean when God told him, “I have made you the father of many nations.” This happened because Abraham believed in the God who brings the dead back to life and who creates new things out of nothing. Rom 4:17 

  • Abraham and Sarah conceived in old age
  • God made Abraham the father of many nations of all believers
  • God called David a man after His heart

 Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see. Heb 11:1

 Real faith will create a legacy that brings others for generations to Christ.

 Are you working on your faith legacy? 

 You are being watched.  You are a person of influence. 

 The question is “Which way are you influencing?”