royal motorcycleIn December Gallop published the results of a poll that asked for an honesty rating of twenty-two professions in 2012.  The number one rated profession for honesty on every list since 1999 is nursing.  Last on the list for 2012 are car salesman.

In 1979 I was twenty years old and took a job as a new and used car salesman at a dealership in North Dallas.  It was hard work.  I worked six days a week and mostly twelve-hour days.  I didn’t do too bad.  Even though America went into a pretty bad three year recession in 1980, I was salesman of the month three times that year.

I learned so much so fast about people and life during my season in the car business that I have always said a college student should spend a semester selling cars.  One thing I learned is that you can’t judge a person by his profession.  The first obstacle I had to overcome with new customers was the fact that many of them did not trust me because of my profession.  Did you know that even little old ladies and nurses will be dishonest to you if they think you are dishonest?

Lisa and I were newlyweds.  We went to the mall to see a movie one night.  As we still do today, we found our seats, Lisa sat down, and I headed to the concession stand for some refreshments. (We share a popcorn and a large Diet Coke)  I ran into a few friends from high school in the lobby.  We talked a little, and I mentioned that I was selling cars.  When I came back to my seat Lisa said she had just heard someone sitting behind her say, “I just saw Royal Farris in the lobby.  And he is a used car salesman.”  They all laughed, and I am glad Lisa did not have her drink to throw at them.

I left the car sales profession at the end of 1981.  Lisa and I wanted to have kids so I got an eight to five job at the electric company.

I went back to school and became a counselor in 1993.  Counselors are ninth on the list.

I went up to number eight when I became a pastor.  The professions that are more trustworthy than pastors are;

  1. Nurse
  2. Pharmacist
  3. Medical Doctors
  4. Engineers
  5. Dentists
  6. Police Officers
  7. College Teachers

You can see the rest of the list here ….

How about you?  Do you judge people by their professions?  How about by the car they drive or the tattoos on their body?  What about religion or race?

You shouldn’t.  Have an open mind and try to see the best in people.  

Your new best friend might be a car salesman or a pastor.