reading-the-bibleI am excited to be teaching “How to Study My Bible” at our Equip and Connect class at Life Connection Church tonight.

When Christians are asked why they don’t study their Bible, it seems there are two main answers.  The first is, “I don’t have time.”  We all know the answer to that.  And we all know that we need to make time if we are going to be faithful followers of Christ.

The second answer, and most honest answer is, “I don’t really know how.”  or “I don’t know where to start.”  It is sad that even people who have grown up in the church do not know how to study their Bible.  It seems difficult so it’s not tried.  I will address that attitude in another post.

If you are lacking motivation to study your Bible … Here are Ten Reasons You Should

  1. To have a clearer and more confident understanding of my salvation.   John 8:31-32
  2. To grow spiritually strong and mature.  1 Pet 2:2
  3. To be comforted, blessed and encouraged.  Rom 15:4
  4. To know the right way to live your life.   Ps 119:105
  5. To be more aware of what is wrong. 1 John 2:14
  6. To be more able to teach others. (the less mature)  Deut 6:4-9
  7. To be able to give godly counsel.  Col 3:16
  8. To know if you are listening to a false teacher.  Acts 17:11
  9. To be able to please God and work for Him.  2 Tim 2:15
  10. So you can confidently and humbly share the Gospel of Jesus with others.  1 Pet 3:15

If you are a Christian, you know the benefits of studying the Bible and you know you are commanded to do so.

If you are not a Christian, start off with reading the Gospel of John, the fourth book of the New Testament.

Are there other reasons?

What is holding you back?