I did not get much time to write this week.  But here are some interesting things I read online. 

I read a wide variety of online material during the week.  I like to share with you some things I found interesting.  Just because I find it interesting does not mean I agree with it.  We should all be reading more and reading different points of view from our own.  If you are a Christian, I hope you are reading the Bible and biblical material so you have a strong foundation built on truth.

1)  7 Things I Attribute to Personal Success by Ron Edmondson

A young leader asked me recently, “What has gotten you where you are today? When you look back over your life, what would you attribute most to your success?”

Great question. I love people who think.

2)  Big Thumbs are Upping Ad Clicks on Phones  by Quentin Fottrell at Market Watch

But tech pros say the result may be less a measure of the quality of the ads than the size of users’ thumbs.“False positives, namely clumsy digits, are the real culprits here,”

3)  Cheerleaders Can Use Bible Banners for Now  by Jim Denison

Should high school cheerleaders be able to display Bible verses on run-through banners at football games?  Late yesterday, a judge issued a temporary ruling that cheerleaders at Kountze High School in Southeast Texas can continue doing so.  Another hearing is scheduled for October 18.

4)  Is Divorce Rate Really the Same in Church Population as General Population  by Barrett Johnson

It has become common practice for people to quote the stat that the divorce rate for Christians is the same as the general population in America. I have said this many times over the years.

5)  Three Questions to Determine, “Is this true?”   by Tim Rider Christianbiblestudies.com

Like the people Paul taught, we need to commit to the ongoing process of examining all of our beliefs, values, and opinions through the filter of Scripture. Add to that our own quirks, what we’re taught by pastors and others, and ideas that pop up in small groups. We don’t want to be obnoxious, but we do want the freedom that comes with knowing the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.