I read a wide variety of online material during the week.  I like to share with you some things I found interesting.  Just because I find it interesting does not mean I agree with it.  We should all be reading more and reading different points of view from our own.  If you are a Christian, I hope you are reading the Bible and biblical material so you have a strong foundation built on truth.

1)  5 Characteristics of a Strong Mind … MichaelHyatt.com … Guest blogger LaRae Quy

No matter the circumstances around us, we will need to rely upon the mental toughness we normally look for in our heroes, not in ourselves.

2)  What does the Bible mean that we are not to judge others?  gotquestions.org

Answer: This is an issue that has confused many people.

3)  Eight Reasons Some Leaders Hesitate Instead of Deciding  .. Thom Rainer

Admittedly, some leaders decide too quickly. They do not have adequate information. They have not listened well to others. They have not thought through the collateral issues.

But if hasty decision making is an illness, hesitant decision making is an epidemic.

Too many leaders fail to lead because they simply fail to decide.

4)  If You Are Single please read this ….  Perry Noble

If I could sit down with single people one on one and just offer them one piece of advice it would be…

Desperation In Dating Always Leads To Destruction!

5)  What to do When You Have to Work With Someone You Don’t Like   … HBR   Peter Bergman

I’m not simply talking about someone who frustrates you because they communicate poorly or can’t run a meeting. Sure it’s annoying to have your time wasted, especially when you believe you could do a better job. But that’s different than disliking them. Just think about how you respond differently to someone you like who can’t run a meeting (you want to help them) versus someone you don’t like (you want to stop working with them, or, if the meeting is really long, kill them).