People tell me they don’t read the Bible because they have a hard time understanding it.
Understanding the Holy Scriptures is more about the condition of the heart than your level of  intelligence.  People often go to the Bible for answers or inspiration after a period of disconnect with God or wanting to seek Him out for the first time.  If you go at the Bible as you would a self-help wanting to know the words or instructions of God more than wanting to know God, you will probably fail.
God says, Be still, and know that I am God“.  Ps 46:10
You have to be ready to listen with your heart and your spirit more than just your mind. 

You have to be prepared for that.  You need help with that.  You need help from God, the Holy Spirit.
The Psalmist wrote : Be good to your servant, that I may live and obey your word.  18 Open my eyes to see the wonderful truths in your instructions.  Ps 119:17-18
What if you approached reading the Bible like this guy?  Check out the humility.  Check out his desire to know and obey.  He believes the Word of God is truth, the only truth.  He is committed before hearing to obey and live by God’s Word.  He is in awe and excited about the “wonderful truths” that will make his life better and his relationship with God close.
So How do you start?  Here are five things that will help.
1)  Admit you sin and ask God’s forgiveness. Get back on track with God.
Start with this humble attitude of “You are God and I am not.”
2)  Buy a modern language Bible .. NLT, NIV or others. Ask Christian Book Store
If yo have an older translation like the King James Version you probably already have a language barrier.  There is nothing wrong with the KJV.  Churches all over the world still use it.  But for most people who have not grown up with the KJV, it is like trying to read Shakespeare.
I like to teach from the New Living Translation.   You might want a good study bible with notes that comment on and give definition to what you are reading …  Like the NLT Life Application Study Bible
3)  Have an attitude of “I want to learn what wonderful things God wants me to learn”.
Open up to what God would have you learn … Pray about it, “God please teach me about you and what you want me to know.”
4)   Pray and decide you are going to believe and live what you read.
Commit up front…. Don’t read with the attitude of you are going to decide as you read what you like or don’t like.  Trust and obey.  Jesus said, They will know you are my disciples if you obey my commands.”
5) Pray for supernatural sight to see what God wants you to see through the Holy  Spirit.
The Holy Spirit will be your counselor.  As for His guidance and understanding.
Do you have trouble reading the Bible?  Start off with 15 minutes a day …. 
Do you have a place you go to read the Bible or to get alone with God?  What helps you the most?