I read a wide variety of online material during the week.  I like to share with you some things I found interesting.  Just because I find it interesting does not mean I agree with it.  We should all be reading more and reading different points of view from our own.  If you are a Christian, I hope you are reading the Bible and biblical material so you have a strong foundation built on truth.

1)  Ten Reasons Why People Lose Their Jobs   by Thom Rainer

Some people, however, lose their jobs due to factors they could control. I recently polled a number of leaders and asked them to tell me the top reason or reasons people lost jobs in their organizations. I asked them not to include those whose jobs were eliminated due to economic or financial reasons of the company. I was able to group their responses into ten categories. Although my poll is not scientifically validated, I think it is nevertheless instructive. Below are ten responses, listed in order of frequency, and realizing that there is some overlap in the categories.

2)  Study Shows Few Churchgoers Read the Bible Daily  by ChurchLeaders.com

A new LifeWay Research study showed that the vast majority of churchgoers “desire to please and honor Jesus in they do,” but only 19 percent read the Bible every day, and only a quarter of them even read it a few times per week.

3)  Ten Commandments for Grandparents  by Thom Rainer

4)  The Secret of Life According to Pete the Cat  by Rabbi Evan Moffic

What Are Pete’s Secrets?

On the surface, it’s a story telling us that accidents happen. It also reveals much more.

1. Attitude is everything.  Life does not always go the way we think it will. Pete got excited when he put on his new white shoes. That excitement and joy did not diminish when they became his red shoes, his brown shoes and his wet shoes. Things change. Sometimes we step in mud. Like Pete, we can choose to stay positive

5)  Looking for a good daily devotional …. www.Blackaby.net