The main comment I get from people who come as our guest on Sunday mornings at LCC is that people are so friendly and seem truly glad that you are there.  It’s true .. that is what family does.

We know that, as a Christ-following church family, we are to practice being God’s love with skin to each other and to people outside the family.  We want outsiders to feel welcome and like family.  When people come to our house, we don’t want them to feel weird, we want them to feel welcome. … that is what a family does.

It has always been in our DNA to be servants at heart.  That’s what people who want to be like Christ do.  Since we are practicing being God’s love with skin, we all serve as part of our household and we strive to serve people in our community.  It’s not weird that such a large percentage of LCCers serve on a regular basis and then jump in wherever they see the need. … that’s just what family does.

We had an all around incredible family day at LCC on Sunday with guests and all.  We started off with some worship with song, then we had a couple of baptisms, we opened the Bible and learned from the Book of Romans, and then we did something we really love.  We had a huge family meal. .. that’s what God’s family does.

At 8:AM, over an hour before our first service, we had almost 30 people show up to start preparing for the 12:30 event.  People were bringing in food, moving furniture around, and there was lots of laughter.  That’s what family does when they get together.  They are glad to see each other, they are excited about guests coming over, and they laugh while they serve together.  …that’s what family does

While two of the family were being baptized, there were tears of joy, followed by cheers and encouragement.  That’s what family does.

At the end of the second service.  I was told to give instructions.  I said, “We will be eating soon.  We are going to transform this worship center into a banquet hall.  If you will go into the front foyer and wait we will be eating in just a few minutes.  If you want to help set up, you can.” 

Even the guests jumped in and helped, because the guests felt like family.  That’s how family makes guest feel.

  The transformation took less than ten minutes.

Meal Time
Meal Time



Ten minutes after the meal … The banquet hall was back to being the worship center.  I guess it never really stopped being the worship center.

So … The family Day at LCC looked like this;

  • We served
  • We worshiped
  • We baptized
  • We encouraged
  • We learned
  • We ate
  • We celebrated
  • We served
  • We left looking forward to coming back next week.

That’s what family does.

I am so grateful to pastor such a great family.  Family, thanks for doing what families are supposed to do.