I have never liked shopping .  My wife thinks it’s because my mom shopped so much and I was dragged through North Park Mall too many times. 

I have a theory.  I believe that when a man walks into a mall with a woman she draws all of the energy she needs to shop at full speed from the man.  Have you ever noticed how tired men look while following their wives around the mall?  The wife is always energized, no matter how many stops have been made before this one, and the guy is exhausted. 

I can follow Lisa into a mall or a furniture store with a great attitude of being the good husband …. AND BAMM … It’s like  something in the universe sucks the life out of me.  Then I ask something that will usually get me in trouble like, “How much longer are we going to be here?”  or “If we are not buying a couch right now, why are we looking at couches?”

I really tried… But now, with all the energy sucked out of me … Neither of us is in a good mood and I am picking up energy as we head across the parking lot to our car.

I do remember one place I liked to go with my mom, Tom Thumb.  It’s not because I like food, it was because of Leon.

Leon was a man who sacked groceries.  He was the best grocery sacker who ever lived.  I don’t know if he put the food in the bags in the right order or not, but I do know he made you feel good about being there while he was doing it.

Leon was always glad to see me.  Every time my mom and I stood in his grocery line he made me feel good about being there.  He had a huge smile.  I never saw him without a smile on his face.  He would always look you in the eye as if you were the only one there, even us little kids.  He would ask about my week, he would pay me some kind of compliment.  And he would whistle or sing songs while he worked.

I always  looked forward to going to Tom Thumb and felt energized just being there in the presence of the kindness of Leon.

Leon was a grocery sacker.  I am sure he did not make much money, but you would have thought he had the greatest job in the world the way he gave away kindness.  People used to stand in line to get their groceries sacked by Leon even if the other lines were empty.

Every business should have a Leon …. That kind of kindness draws people

God wants us to be Leon-like.  As Christians we are to be God’s love with skin no matter what we do for a living. 

How about you?  Are people drawn to you?  You could be the Leon at your place of business.

Do you enjoy your job?  Do you look forward to getting up and going to work every day?  You would if you had the same attitude as Leon.

Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people… Eph 6:7

Try it today….. Be kind … Think of the needs of others more than you think about yourself.

Let me know how it goes.  How much better was your work today when you reposrted as a Leon?