I am currently reading John Maxwell’s book, Beyond Talent – Become Someone Who Gets Extraordinary Results

I have not read a Maxwell book in a while and this one may be my favorite.  It is very practical, easy to read, inspiring and, as usual, full of great quotes.  I think John Maxwell is  the king of quote collectors.

Everyone has talent.  Some people have much more talent than others.  I am sure you have been around many people with talent who have never been a success.  Talent will only get you so far.  If you are not willing to do the work or to go the extra mile, all that talent will do is set your limits for achievement.

Maxwell writes

Consider this;

  • More than 50% of all CEOs of Fortune 500 companies had C or C- average in college.
  • 65% of all U.S. Senators came from the bottom half of their school classes.
  • 75% of U.S. Presidents were in the Lower-Half Club in school.
  • More than 50% of millionaire entrepreneurs never finished college.

Clearly talent isn’t everything.

This is good news for us regularly average talented people.

I am enjoying and being inspired by this book and looking forward to teaching it to others.

Maxwell writes that he has discovered thirteen key choices that can be made to maximize a person’s talent.

  1. Belief lifts your talent.
  2. Passion energizes your talent.
  3. initiative activates your talent.
  4. Focus directs your talent.
  5. preparation positions your talent.
  6. Practice sharpens your talent.
  7. Perseverance sustains your talent.
  8. Courage tests your talent.
  9. Teachability expands your talent.
  10. Character protects your talent.
  11. Relationships influence your talent.
  12. Responsibility strengthens your talent.
  13. Teamwork multiplies your talent.

Maxwell encourages that “You can do it.”  If you will make this choices you will become what he calls a Talent-Plus person.  Talent + Right Choices = a Talent + Person.

I am already evaluating my choices and I recommend this book.  As usual Maxwell gives plenty of pratical steps to take and shares the stories of successful people to show the way .

How about you?  Could you use some encouragement to maximize your talent?