Dear Friends and Family of Life Connection Church

It has been a crazy week ….
We had an awesome baptismal service last Sunday … Praying for Andrea, Kim, and Jace after their awesome witness to their commitment to Christ through baptism.  Let’s all pray for their continual growth in the Lord Jesus.  I pray their baptisms are just a huge step into the future God has for them and for the people who were convicted or changed by watching them.
Thanks to the volunteers who worked behind the scenes to make the baptisms happen. 
Our New “Holy Horse Trough” is available for more baptisms when you are ready.
I started teaching through the Book of Romans last week.  I am very excited about it.  I am calling the series, “The Greatest Letter Ever Written.”  Bring your Bibles, take notes and read and study ahead.  You can see last weeks Introduction to Romans and the notes on my blog by clicking here … The Greatest Letter Ever Written – Introduction  ..
Our video sermons are up to date at .
We actually had an A/C go down last week just before church.  God is so awesome that he gave us a cool morning in August so we had no heat problems.  I am thankful the A/C was fixed this week. 
We sold our old set of drums this week to a new church plant in Cedar Hill.  That was an answer to prayer for both churches.
Our first ever Annual Cookie Chill-Off and cover dish lunch is set for Sep 9 after the second service.  Be sure to sign up Sunday in the lobby to enter the cookie contest or to bring side dishes and other food stuff.  We have a great group of volunteers on that project, lead by Brooke Bergman.  It is going to be sweetly awesome.
We have also had plenty of volunteers to be judges…  I wonder why?
Your kids in Kid Connection are in the middle of a contest …  Ask them about it…  There  is a party in the future … and on top of that they are learning about Jesus and how to be a Christ-follower every Sunday morning. 
Check out my blog posts for this week.  I have kept my commitment to write something every day …  I hope it is encouraging, inspiring, and helpful.  You can subscribe to have the posts emailed to you.   You can click here to go to my blog. …  Royal Farris
I look forward to lives being changed. As always when studying and teaching the Holy Scriptures, we will all have an opportunity to listen, obey, and take steps closer to God and the likeness of Jesus Christ.
If you are part of the LCC family or are looking for a church I hope to see you Sunday.  Bring a friend.  All it takes is an ask … And then ask again …  
If you are a friend of LCC thanks for your support in every way including, and especially your prayers.
Blessings from your brotha from anotha motha