Dear Friends and Family of LCC,

 What is your framework for decision making?  Not just big decisions, all decisions? 

 It’s important that you know the answer to that question.  Because it’s your worldview.  Everyone has a worldview.  It’s that mental and emotional filter that allows you to make choices consistent with what you believe to be true, significant, and appropriate. 

 As a Christ-follower, wouldn’t you think that your Worldview should be the same as Jesus’?  Is it? 

 Jesus’ worldview is a biblical worldview.  His perspective is a biblical perspective.  If we are going to be like Jesus, which the Bible says should be our goal because it is God’s goal for us, then we should have a biblical worldview.

 If you don’t purposefully develop a Biblical Worldview, you will naturally have a secular, or non-biblical worldview.  In today’s world, you are being bombarded with the secular worldview twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week.

And you know how it is.  If you hear a lie enought times it starts to sound like truth.

 This Sunday I am teaching, “It’s Important to See the World Like Jesus.”  How do you do that?  Come on and find out … And bring a friend ….