One of the greatest struggles we have as humans is change.  No one really likes change.  Even when change is good it brings anxiety.  We get comfortable with who we are and where we are even if it could be better.  

Moses wrote Psalm 90 late in his life.  He had been through much and he had gained much wisdom through his successes and failures and in this text he passes along to us something that is very comforting.  God is God.  He is always with us.  He never changes.  He is our safe place, our sanctuary.   

In verse one he writes, “ Lord through all the generations you have been our home!”   

Not just you have been our home.  You have been our home, exclamation point.  No matter where you took us or what we went through, You God were there for strength, power, and comfort.  I remember taking my kids to preschool and they wanted me to go in with them.  I was their safe place no matter where they went. 

Acts 17:28 tells us, “For in God we live and move and exist.” 

As a counselor and a pastor I have always observed that people tend to pull away from God when they need Him the most.  We get distracted by pain or change and we pull away from God and try to do it on our own.  You would think we would learn. 

Moses is reminding us that God, the creator, is greater than anything He created. Before the mountains were born, before you gave birth to the earth and the world, from beginning to end, you are God.  Ps 90:2 

God is God.  He has always been God, and He will always be God.  And I have to remember, “I am not.” 

God is a safe place to stay.  Wouldn’t it feel good to have your safe place go with you to preschool, or the office, or while you are making those important decisions in your life?

Question:  Are you relying on God to be your safe place?  Have you found safety and security in Him when everything around you was changing?