This is part 2  – I tried to look at this from a distance, although I am a Christian Pastor.  I am also a counselor who has heard plenty from both sides.  Be patient as I process through the thoughts I had of the day and what surrounded it.  I will try to answer comments or questions.   Some answers I won’t know.  Please be civil.  This is not a fun post.  It’s just eating me up as I feel there is such a misunderstanding about the differences from both sides.  Different does not mean hate.   This is not about Chick-Fil-A or homosexuality.  It is about a conversation of respect between people with different beliefs.  I will read but filter out personal attack. 

Anger never works.  When it comes to a discussion or argument about differences, anger never works.  I am not saying that anger is always bad.  But in a situation like this, when two parties start expressing their differences, if anger is involved, people say and do things that are harmful to the process of resolution.

Holy Scriptures teach Christians that we are to listen and give wise responses that are not irrationally and emotionally driven.

19 Understand this, my dear brothers and sisters: You must all be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry. 20 Human anger does not produce the righteousness God desires.  James 1:19-20

When people respond out of anger they usually act in such a way that the other party can justify their angry response no matter how irrational or even crazy it might have been or will soon be.  If one party can take a “quick to listen, slow to speak” attitude it can turn the whole conversation around.  It makes it possible to have civil, respectful, and wise conversations.  If both come to the table with a “quick to listen” attitude, the chances for understanding each other better and respecting each other more get much better.

Unrighteous anger is driven by pride.  Prideful anger can soon become irrational, you are not making any sense, you are not truthful in your anger.  And when the conflict is between two groups, gang mentality will take it way over the top crazy.  This is how riots start.  And this is how you end up with intelligent adults standing across the line from each other with chest out and throwing childish and dishonest jabs at each other on social networks like FB.  Now that we have social media like Facebook, the name calling is taken to another level because one is outside of  punch range

If you do win your point with anger, the negative consequence of the beat down submission and the angry heart can lead to angrier situations at a much higher level in the future.

Dedicated, Bible believing Christians and non Christians will never think the same way about many things.  The Bible teaches us that when we become a Christian, we start following Christ, and when we study the Word of God, He changes the way we think. (Rom 12:1-2)  We start seeing things the way God sees things.  You won’t get us to change our mind on something we know to be right or wrong based on our Holy Scriptures.  Jesus said that you will know his disciples because we will obey His commands.  That will always trump any argument against Biblical truth.   But it does not mean we will not respect the fact that the non believer thinks different and we are commanded to not be angry about our differences.

If you are an unbeliever, the last paragraph may seem completely ridiculous to you, and that I can understand.  That’s  why I understand there are things I think and believe that you will never understand.  I respect that.  I just ask that you respect my point of view as well.   I am not a hater because I think differently.

Feel free to slam me when I am a hypocrite.  I deserve that.   But I hope you will respect me when I am a man of conviction, commitment, and Character based on the Scriptures I believe are Holy and Truth.

I will write more about the differences we have in the way we think and how we see life in my next post. 

I would appreciate your rational and civil responses and I will answer any question the best way I know how.

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