It’s the end of the week and here is some stuff I read this week.

I hope you find something interesting, helpful, encouraging or just entertaining.  If you have something you read you can recommend to me, please do in the comments….

So You Still Think God is a Merciful God  

A Christian lady who lived through the Aurora, CO movie theater shootings writes about her experience through the eyes of faith.

 “So, you still believe in a merciful God?”  Some of the comments online are genuinely inquisitive, others are contemptuous in nature. Regardless of the motive behind the question, I will respond the same way.


Yes, I do indeed.

Absolutely, positively, unequivocally.

Then because of the responses … many very negative and even hateful … she wrote a couple of follow-up posts.

Check out her follow-up posts at A Miniature Clay Pot

Michael Hyatt wrote: How to Read the Bible and Enjoy It

In this post, I thought I’d share how I read the bible. It’s not the only way to do it, of course. But I thought this might be helpful to you if you want to read it all the way through and partake of its treasures on a regular basis.

As far as relationships go, check out The It Factor Every Relationship Needs at Relevant Magazine.

As we talked about her failed relationship, I found myself reflecting on a question I’ve pondered for months: What is the one thing every relationship—friendship, dating, marriage—must have to be healthy?

Two Devotionals I read on a regular basis are

Leaders read … Be a leader ….