One of our purposes at Life Connection Church is to practice “being God’s love with skin”.  The Bible teaches us that people can’t see God, but they see His love through the love offered by His people.

No one has ever seen God. But if we love each other, God lives in us, and his love is brought to full expression in us. 1 John 4:12

We love being God’s love with skin and I have found that the more we practice, the more being God’s love becomes who we are.  The people of LCC are very generous people and are quick to volunteer when there is a need.

When a person is in His natural human state one tends to measure the burden of helping someone before actually helping.  If you stay connected with God seeking His will you will be more open to spontaneous acts of kindness without giving it much thought.

Sunday morning I got a call from a person telling me one of our neighbors, to the church property, had a section of fence blown down during last Friday’s storm and wanted to know if we could help. 

I mentioned the need during the announcements near the beginning of our second service.  I was going to bring it up again at the end of the service, but I forgot.  As I stood by the door talking to people as they were leaving one person handed me some cash and said it was for the fence.  Then a couple of minutes later a guy approached me and said to not worry about the fence.  He and three other guys had already gone and investigated the damage and were going to take care of it.

They didn’t have a problem coming up with a time either.  They quickly agreed to come at 6:00pm Monday after work, with temps  at the 100 degree mark, to set the poles and return Tuesday after work to finish the job.

How is that for spontaneous God’s love with skin?  The more you allow the Spirit of God to guide you the more likely you are to  perform unselfish acts of kindness on impulse.

I love God’s family at Life Connection Church.  Thanks LCCers  for making God’s love visible and real to our community. 

Question:  When was the last time you did a spontaneous act of kindness to show God’s love?    

How did it make you feel?