Dear Friends and Family of LCC,
I hope you are having a great July 4th week.  It seems weird to have Independence Day on a Wednesday, but it is great to have a reason to get together with family and friends for talking, playing, grilling, and swimming. We usually have such a great day we are too wore out to go watch the fireworks.  That was the case this week. Lisa and I went to Braum’s and then watched a John Wayne movie.  We are blessed to live in the USA for sure.
 Last Sunday was a great day to be at LCC.  We had a great time of worship, communion and then, I could tell by the comments I received, that the teaching, “Earn Respect and Influence Change“, was just what some needed to hear.   You can share LCC teachings with your friends by sending a link to , www.royalfarris.wordpress , or to the Life Support TV You Tube Site.
So here is a question for you …..  If you knew you were going to be unfairly arrested, betrayed by your closest friends, illegally tried, and die a brutal death, how would you pray?  Who and what would you be thinking about?
We know what Jesus prayed.  Jesus’ closest friend John wrote about it in the Gospel he penned.  In John’s biography about Jesus he writes the prayer he heard Jesus pray.  What was the topic?  Us … He was praying for His current followers who would be freaking out over His death, and for those of us who would follow Him in the future. 
And Jesus’ prayer is definitely a powerful one of love and encouragement for you and me.  We will be studying the Jesus Prayer this Sunday.
If you are an LCCer, even if you are one that has been out for a while….  I hope to see you Sunday….
For those of you who do not attend LCC but are our friends, thanks for your prayers and support. 
Blessings from your brotha from anotha motha