I watched a young conservative politician on TV being interviewed by some people who are known for their, let’s say, disrespect of conservatives, and Christians in particular.  The interviewers are known for unashamedly going after conservatives and showing their disdain for anyone on the other side of the issues.  I always watch these interviews with a little anxiety hoping that the Christian, instead of taking the bait, will keep his cool and gain some respect during the process.  It takes humility, honor, and respect for the one who is on the offensive to be able to respond in such a way as to earn respect and change the attitude of the aggressor. 
The young politician did a great job.  The Bible teaches us that if we will be who we are supposed to be as Christians, it will silence our accusers, (1 Pet 2:15)  and lead others toward praising our heavenly Father. (Matt 5:16)   We can lead others toward change.  The young politician honored God, silenced his accusers, earned the respect of many viewers and, if they listened at all, the interviewers.
You know …. no matter what we do as Christians, including being involved in political discussions, we are commanded to be witnesses and point people toward God.  We are to honor our Father first in all we do
As Followers of Christ, we are to be influencers of change.  We are to lead people away from bad to good, from dark to light.  We all want our world to be a better place, yet we see it going the other way.  Change needs to happen, and it won’t happen by yelling at each other, putting the guy we want in office, or changing the laws.  People need to change.  People need to be better.  It’s about changing the heart.
God wants to use us to change the world by offering the love that Christ first gave us.  He wants us to be influencers for the good.  Christians have done a poor job of earning the respect of others.  You will not earn respect if you are not more like Christ.  People watch to see how you handle life.  They won’t question their own behavior if they can question yours.
This Sunday’s teaching will be “Earn Respect – Influence Change”. We can all be change agents. 
For those of you who do not attend LCC but are our friends, thanks for your prayers and support. 
If you are an LCCer, even if you are one that has been out for a while….  I hope to see you Sunday….
What do you think about the politically charged disrespect?  Should Christians go at it different from the world?