Dear Friends and Family of LCC,
Last Sunday I talked about how important all of our roles are as part of the LCC family.  The Bible calls us “The Body of Christ”.  God created the church with His Spirit through Christ and gave us all parts to play in carrying out the work of Christ.
11 It is the one and only Spirit who distributes all these gifts. He alone decides which gift each person should have.  12 The human body has many parts, but the many parts make up one whole body. So it is with the body of Christ. 1 Cor 12:11-12
My job description is found in Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. 
Their responsibility is to equip God’s people to do his work and build up the church, the body of Christ. Eph 4:12
I have worked at three different churches and I always run into people who are serving in the body who do not think their job is that important.  Some have expressed that, while others have showed it in their lack of commitment.  I have worked at a church where we would call the volunteers for the children’s ministry on Saturday night to make sure they would be in their places on Sunday morning.  Even after saying they would be there, we would have to get subs when they did not show up the next morning.
How important do you think it is for a parent to drop off her kid and know she is being loved and cared for in a safe environment?  It is definitely a deciding factor for making a return visit or not.
I have sometimes had a hard time convincing people on the greeting team, we call them the “First Touch Team”, how important their job is to the success of Sunday morning.  We call them the First Touch Team because they are the first line of ministry.  Often times guests decide if they are coming back to a church or not by how they were greeted or made to feel welcome.
Every ministry at Life Connection Church is important to the body of Christ.  We had a lady a couple of weeks ago say she came to LCC because she saw how much care we put into taking care of our grounds and gardens. 
Even if you are not serving on a certain Sunday morning ministry team, your presence in the worship service is important to the first impression we make on our guests.  When you are nice to a guest, who is a little nervous about being in a new place, he will look for you when he comes back because you are a friendly familiar face.
I am writing here about the importance of your role on Sunday morning to the body and to our guests.  And you know how important family worship is to you and your family’s spiritual growth.  Your presence on Sunday morning is an opportunity for you to minister to others while you are worshiping God and for God and others to minister to you…
We are “God’s love with skin.”  And people with skin are not able to love or be loved without being in the presence of others.
The people who are part of the LCC family are incredibly servant minded.  I would put our servant volunteers up against any church.  I really believe we embody the biblical principle of being God’s love with skin.  I know that because I serve along side you.  I also know because of the feedback we get from the guests that come to LCC. 
A little while back we added a guest survey to our web site.  Here is what people are saying after being our guests at LCC.
What did you notice first?
  • The friendly people. The homey feeling of the church.
  • Friendly greeters at front entrance, cozy facilities.
  • How nice EVERYONE was!
What did you like best?
  • there is a great feel about your church, the atmosphere was wonderful. Also we brought our granddaughter, and the nursery was amazing. Everyone there made me feel great about leaving her in there. They met us as we came in and took great care of her.
  • Joy! She was very nice in showing me around and helping me with my son
  • The message.
What was your overall impression?
  • I can see that relationship is a great priority to you at your church and you do it well. We felt welcome and comfortable right away.
  • Very Good.
  • Very good. It’s quite different from the church I’m coming from.  I’m really looking for Christian friends that I can learn from and that can possibly learn from me.
Way to go LCC …  You see how important all of our ministries are within the LCC body of Christ?

June Summer Food Drive.  We are having a food drive to provide needy people with food through missions.  Every Sunday in June we are collecting non-perishable foods for those in need.  There will be a list of foods in our bulletin on Sunday and online at …
Special thanks to Bob Repass for having a collection at his work place ….  We have a good start going with two Sunday mornings to go …..

A new LCC Life Group will be starting in Grapevine on Monday night June 18 … 6:30-8:00  .. If you would like more information please email me or check out the bulletin on Sunday morning…
LCCers, I will see you Sunday.  For our friends outside of the LCC Family, thanks so much for your friendship, prayers, and support….
Blessings from your brotha from anotha motha