So Sunday is Mother’s Day.  I was looking at Mother’s Day cards last night and thinking … How cheesy … The best ones must have already been sold.  Do you remember your mom used to like the cards you made her better than the one’s at the store?  I think it’s still the same. 
It’s just weird that someone at the card company is getting paid to write what we think about our mothers.  And do you really read the cards you buy.  I think women do… But guys, do you read them.  I bought one for my mom one time that was one of those you get for someone who is not really your mom.  You know, “You have been like a mother too me” cards.  Have you ever bought one and got home and realized it was in another language?  Come on, be honest.
What do you think mom’s?  Would you rather have a card written, even from your adult child, or a bought “somebody else wrote it and your kid ran by the store and bought it without reading it” card?  Just wondering.
Mother’s Day is one of those holidays that can bring much joy and much pain at the same time.  As a pastor, I have always wrestled and prayed about how to approach  Mother’s Day on Sunday morning.  I know there are people that stay at home on that Sunday because of the pain that is associated with being a mother, not being a mother, or the relationship with their mothers. 
I try hard to honor women as a whole on mother’s day.  A mother got really mad at me for that one time and left the church because she said I did not make a big enough deal about mothers. 
Mothers are awesome … Mothers are a blessing …. Being a mother is a blessing and one of the most important jobs on the planet.  God has given you one of his own to raise and it can be the most rewarding job ever and the hardest. 
I also know there are women who are sad because they have not been a mom.  Mother’s in much emotional pain because they have lost a child.  Mother’s who agonize over children who have not turned out the way they hoped.
This Sunday will be a celebrative day at Life Connection Church.  We are going to celebrate new life by dedicating some babies to the Lord and celebrating with and praying for their families.
We will celebrate the fact and the blessing that God made half of the people on the planet extra special.  And commanded the other half to love them enough to die for them and treat them with great respect.  God even told husbands if they did not treat their wives the right way, their prayers would not be answered.
I will be teaching part 2 of “You Don’t Have to be a Super Hero to be Used by God …. God Used a 13yr Old Girl to Change the World
Mothers day is a family day for sure at LCC
Hope to see you Sunday.  Bring a friend.